Our Dogma Includes Supernatural Good Omens

(& we find our friends on flatbread)

24 January 1979
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Having sauntered vaguely downward...

+ Sam Winchester
+ Dean Winchester
+ Castiel (& Jimmy)
+ Zachariah
+ Lucifer (& Nick)
+ The Prophet, Chuck

+ Crowley
+ Aziraphale
+ The Satanic Nuns
+ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

+ Bartleby
Bartleby, an omniscient grigori watcher angel who, feeling sorry for the human race, asked Loki to lay down his sword. Both were expelled from Heaven and banished to Wisconsin. Initially the more laid back and reasonable of the two, his mind snaps when he comes to the realization that God has shown humans "infinite patience" and given them free will, while angels' lives are meant to be those of servitude and they in turn were exiled for a single transgression. Obsessed with revenge, he goes on a killing spree before God destroys him.
+ Loki
Loki, the former angel of death who, after getting drunk with Bartleby one day, laid down his sword and gave God the finger, leading to his and Bartleby's expulsion from Heaven. More extroverted and humorously aggressive than his partner, he has no qualms about killing sinners with a recently purchased Desert Eagle, though he is unwilling to kill the innocent. He also likes to convince members of the clergy that there is no God, despite knowing full well there is, commonly using Lewis Carroll's poem The Walrus and the Carpenter as an example of "religious" figures leading their followers astray; his stated reason for doing so is to "keep them on their toes". Loki experiences a role reversal when Bartleby snaps, and tries to talk him out of going through with the plan; Bartleby ultimately kills him.
+ Metatron
Metatron, the voice of God; he says that if any human heard God's true voice, their "mind would cave in and your heart would explode within your chest." A wise yet cynical Seraph, Metatron's demeanor is usually ruined by one thing or another getting on his clothes.
Dogma profiles courtesy of Wikipedia.Org.

+ 14 (Azrael?)
+ 15 (God? Who may or may nor be Alanis Morissette.)